Metro Exodus is heading to Steam after one year Epic Games Store exclusivity

Metro Exodus was the game that kickstarted the whole Epic Games Store exclusivity kerfuffle since it was one of the first to become exclusive to the storefront while yanking it from Steam a mere three weeks before launch. It was a brazen move by Epic and it sowed a lot of early discontent within the gaming community since many people who pre-ordered the game on Steam were given refunds and told to go download yet another launcher.

Now, a year later, Metro Exodus is finally out of its one-year-long Epic Games Store exclusivity and is heading to Steam on the 15th of February:

It’s almost a poignant moment, really. All this strife and the insults hurled at the Epic Games Store started precisely a year ago and the games that caused this uproar are now heading back to their intended storefronts. Epic is still getting exclusive games for their storefront, but much of the anger and initial hatred has died down. Well, until the next big AAA game announces that it’ll be an Epic Games Store exclusive and we start this whole song and dance again.

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