Red Dead Online hackers are spawning aggressive two-headed skeletons

You walk into town, ready to sell hides, stock up on ammo and maybe buy some smokes and booze for a big fight that needs a bonus to your cores. Then you get smacked from behind and turn around to see a… two-headed skeleton is punching you to death.

This isn’t some in-game event or Easter Egg, instead, it is hackers making the world of Red Dead Online a bit worse for everyone around them.

The problem appears to be a PC issue, but some are reporting it happening on PS4 as well.

It appears that hackers are taking to the skies in hot air balloons, then loading up godmode hacks while up in the clouds, spawning this weird two-headed skeleton to give you a good punch or two. In several cases, the skeletal pugilist ran off when players switched to firearms.

The incidents are being reported on Steam forum as well as Reddit.

Hackers can apparently spawn in enemies to attack you, drop explosives from the sky and more to mess up your experience.

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