Destiny 2 goes offline for the second time in as many weeks following some bugs

According to a report by Kotaku Australia,聽Destiny 2聽has been taken offline for a second time in two weeks in order to address issues where players are losing currency and materials. Bungie announced the downtime earlier this morning via Twitter:

This issue has been resolved, but also required a rollback, meaning that many players have lost progress since the update that caused the issue. This obviously caused some outrage from dedicated fans of the series:

Bungie have been supporting both聽Destiny聽and聽Destiny 2聽incredibly well over the years without much of an issue, so it is unclear what the cause was for the loot being lost, and them ultimately being forced to rollback, which we are sure isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone.

Whether players will be compensated for the inconvenience caused still remains to be seen, especially considering this this happened twice now in a very short space of time.

Bungie has a breakdown of what happened and why it happened here. It details how the game handles quests and inventory management and why there have been two rollbacks now.

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