Download a beautiful The Last of Us Part 2 theme for free

The Last of Us Part 2 is looming over the horizon and funnily enough, it would have released next week if the delay didn’t happen. Naughty Dog can take all the time they need for the game though and whatever they come up with as Ellie’s next adventure is surely going to be a huge topic of conversation for a while.

Since we still have to wait a bit, why not deck out your PS4 with this beautiful dynamic theme for the game called Duality? During the day (the real day), Ellie will be sitting next to a tree strumming her guitar, but once night time hits, she’s hiding from foes.


You can get the theme by using this code on the PlayStation Store:


Anyone here who is lost and comes from the Americas, you can use this code:


I downloaded the theme myself and it’ll probably be the one I’ll be rolling for a while. I like the subtle icons and the wonderful music as well as the dual visuals.

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