February’s free Nintendo Online games include tennis and ninjas

Nintendo is still slowly but surely adding games to their Nintendo Online service and while they’re not really delivering blockbuster classic games, they’re still trying to give subscribers a nice variety every month.

For February, the SNES games they’ve added include the cute shmup Pop’n TwinBee and Smash Tennis for some sporty goodness. As for NES games, they’ve added Eliminator Boat Duel in case you wanted to, I guess, duel in boats? The other game is Shadow of the Ninja which is quite highly regarded in the classic gaming space. Here’s a nice trailer of all the games they’re adding:

It’s not exactly a star-studded line-up and whatever you do, do not read the replies to that tweet above. It’s clear that Nintendo still has a lot of archived games in their repertoire that they need to release, but good things happen to those that wait and I’m sure we’ll eventually get some of the real classics coming to the online service.

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