The Division 2 will head back to New York and change up loot system in expansion

The Division 2 will be taking us back to where it all began in March. Come March 3, the Warlords of New York expansion will have us return to New York on the trail of Aaron Keener, the rogue agent that has been toying with us from the shadows this whole time.

Get ready to head to Lower Manhattan, an area that used to be a Dark Zone. Head to famous landmarks like Wall Street, Chinatown and Two Bridges.

Besides the change in location, The Division 2 is getting an “RPG overhaul”. Get ready for better loot, better rolls on that loot and more build diversity. The level cap is being increased to 40 and enemies will scale to your level, meaning you can explore Lower Manhattan without worrying about hitting an area where enemies are too high level for you. Main and side missions are being designed to thread together, leading you through the narrative and from mission to mission as you try to take down Keener.

A new Season system and an infinite progression system will breathe some life into the game, which will hopefully bring players back, or get them to pop in from time to time. Seasons will last 12 weeks, with manhunt targets to track down and take out for rewards. New skill mods, cosmetics and seasonal gear will give new goals to chase, while SHD Levels will reward you for playing at max level, keeping that pretty XP bar around so that you chase it. SHD Levels will reward Field Proficiency Caches and give you points to spend on improving your Core Attributes for more power.

Full notes on the update can be read here.

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