Geoff Keighley reveals he will not be at E3 this year

Image Courtesy: Geoff Keighley Twitter

Geoff Keighley has revealed he will not be participating in this year’s E3. Ok, so this one is not as big an announcement as Sony skipping E3 for their second year in a row, especially considering their imminent PS5 release. That being said, Keighley has become one of the most recognisable faces in the video games media industry. From the increasingly popular yearly Video Game Awards to the E3 specific live panel and interview show, E3 Coliseum, odds are you’re used to seeing the man. In fact, as he himself mentions in his announcement tweet earlier today, this will be the first time he will not be attending the show in some capacity. Here is his full statement:

Speaking to Keighley added:

I absolutely think there’s a way forward for the brand of E3. This is just my take, but I think E3 needs to be more digital, global and inclusive in its approach to connecting gamers and celebrating the industry.

Exactly what impact this will have on E3 itself is debatable, but what is for sure is that this is yet another indication that E3 is just not the show it has been for many years.

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