Prince of Persia is back as a… VR escape room game?

The Prince of Persia franchise hasn’t been around for an extremely long time now and Ubisoft has essentially abandoned it at this point. This news story reminded me that we didn’t see the prince at all this generation and the last real game was 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. But the franchise’s “return” isn’t as exciting as we might have hoped it would be as it’s slated to be a VR-only escape room puzzle that you can only play at set locations.

The game is called Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time and it’s Ubisoft’s third co-operative VR escape room game with the other two games being Assassin’s Creed themed. These escape rooms use real-life locations that Ubisoft have set up to work with VR and in the case of this game, participants can control time to solve some puzzles themed around the Fortress of Time that is present in some of the older Prince of Persia games.

It sounds really awesome for the few people that would get to experience it, but it’s mostly inconsequential for us and all it really does is drum up painful feelings that we probably won’t see a proper Prince of Persia game again soon. Maybe this little escape room game reminds them that they still own the IP and should maybe start working on something, but if Splinter Cell is any indication, I wouldn’t put any money in that ever happening.

Source: IGN

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