Yes, Your Grace hits Steam next month

Have you ever wanted to manage a kingdom? If the answer is yes, then Yes, Your Grace is heading to Steam on 6 March to give you a crown and some royal authority.

Playing as King Eryk, players will have to manage and look after the medieval kingdom of Davern. Get ready to navigate politics, royal responsibilities and a busy family life, with three daughters that clash with each other frequently. Being king isn’t easy.

Get ready for petitions from peasants, neighbouring royalty and more as you decide where to use your kingdom’s resources. Get ready to use generals, hunters and even a witch or three to help keep things in shape.

Yes, Your Grace was Kickstarted give years ago and despite some rocky development, it has been received rather positively during a beta on Steam.

Get ready to deal with life, love, family and the burden of wearing a crown on March 6

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