Half-Life: Alyx officially has a release date

Half-Life: Alyx came a little out of left field since we all thought Valve was dead or forgot how to make games. However, the VR exclusive title has drummed up a lot of interest for how polished and feature-rich it’s looking, especially in the VR space where things have been relatively bare-bones for a long time. It’s sure to shake up a couple of paradigms when it comes to how we perceive VR and we also don’t have to wait that long to experience it.

Half-Life: Alyx will be released on March 23 according to Valve on Twitter. They also added a couple of lovely screenshots to gawk at:

This news is understandably not that important for many of us since VR on PC is still an incredibly expensive affair and only a select few are able to experience it. However, VR headsets are becoming more affordable as well as more compact and lightweight, so while it is a fairly impenetrable market right now, we might get to see the technology become more affordable and accessible in the near future. When it does, Half-Life: Alyx will be there to show us how it should be done and come March 23, we’ll get to see a glimpse into our inevitable future.

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