WoW’s Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International now welcome SA entrants

When it comes to World of Warcraft, are you serious about your Rated PVP? Or perhaps you are part of a group that pushes through Mythic dungeons with amazing results? If so, you might want to sharpen those skills, as South Africa joins the list of eligible countries to compete in both the Arena World Championship and the Mythic Dungeon International.

For the AWC online qualification cups, anyone can sign up and show their stuff off in the arena. There will be eight online cups, with the teams with the most points getting an invite to the finals. The AWC finals has its biggest prize pool yet, sitting at $500,000.

For those who prefer PVE content, the MDI has increased the number of eligible countries, with South Africa getting the nod. Players from Africa will fall under the European and Asian division, which will have three cups before the BFA finals which has an in-person LAN and a $300,000 prize pool.

Hopefully, we will see new teams in both the AWC and MDI cups this year.

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