Sonic the Hedgehog had the best opening weekend for a video game movie

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie was met with derision from the moment its existence was known. Granted, the initial design of Sonic did look like a horrific uncanny valley nightmare, but they eventually managed to fix the iconic blue mascot’s look just in time for his theatrical debut. I must admit, I didn’t have much hope for the movie and expected it to flop horribly just like most video game adaptations, but to my surprise, it is now officially one of the best.

Sonic the Hedgehog drew in a considerable crowd during its opening weekend and managed to break $57 million in US earnings, according to Box Office Mojo. This means it beat out Detective Pikachu which earned $54.3 million during its opening weekend. That’s a considerable victory for the movie and while the critical reception has been mixed, it’s still touted as a decent adaptation of our beloved ’90s era mascot.

Perhaps all that press from the initial redesign mattered after all and the movie did much better than I ever expected. This bodes well for the future of the franchise as well as video game movies in general and perhaps they might even see fit to bring us a sequel that doesn’t include a waking nightmare from the start.

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