Ubisoft is ready to take Rainbox Six Siege to next-gen consoles when they launch

We are just a few short months away from the next console generation, and yet we still don’t know exactly what to expect as both Microsoft and Sony have been pretty quiet on the upcoming hardware. Ubisoft however is taking a bit more of a proactive approach, preparing themselves and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for the next-gen launch.

Leroy Athanassof, the lead game director, told Windows Central that they are targeting launch day on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, even though they can’t give us an exact date:

Why I can’t give you a date is because those dates are, in the end, on the people doing the next-gen consoles. What I can tell you is that we are going to be on [the consoles] from launch. When they will release the consoles; but it’s up to them to agree that. For Siege, our target is to be available right at launch.

Athanassof went on to say that they don’t want to split the community, and is planning to have cross-generation multiplayer, and is in discussions to bring cross-platform play to both PlayStation and Xbox, although he admits there’s some policy hurdles to consider. Interestingly though is that while they’ve considered cross-play between consoles and PC, Athanassof is not sure it will ever happen:

I don’t think there will ever be console cross-play with PC. The only way we could do that kind of stuff is by letting you do that if you want to. By default, you’re always with console. But if you want to match with these players, to have better matchmaking, or whatever, and get your ass kicked by a keyboard and mouse, up to you.

Finally, he did assure us that cross-platform progressions and account migration is something they are hoping to bring to Rainbow Six Siege, so that might be something to look forward to in the not so distant future.

Source: Windows Central

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