Fallout 4 gets an impressive remake in Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams is now finally out and people have been amazed at the creations that are possible using the game. Players have been recreating classic games, making compelling movies, creating photorealistic breakfasts, beautiful looking platformers and so much more. With the tools now available to everyone, the creative output is going to be even more insane, but those that have been there since Early Access have been making some amazing creations.

One of these creations is a fully functional version of Fallout 4. It’s not the full game, obviously, but it’s a really impressive recreation of the game’s systems, the look and feel as well as the environments. It looks like a slightly downgraded version of the game itself which is impressive considering this was made with a game creator using controllers. Here it is in action:

The attention to detail is what floors me the most. From the UI to the subtle animations, it’s all so expertly done. This shows what is possible in Dreams and from what I’ve seen during streams of the game, it looks like so much fun to just surf through all of the wacky and sometimes extremely impressive little games that players have created.

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