Uncharted movie is filming really soon despite not having a director

The Uncharted movie has been in the news cycle since I started working as a games writer almost a decade ago. The movie has been planned, scrapped, redone and rewritten so many times that it has lost all meaning and it’s been an exhausting trip. However, thanks to an interview with Tom Holland, the Uncharted movie seems to be on schedule again for its hopeful 2021 release date.

Here’s the interview by IGN with Tom Holland:

So according to Tom, the movie is set to start filming in four weeks and he and Mark Wahlberg will be globetrotting doing your assortment of Uncharted adventures. This news is rather surprising since last we’ve heard, the movie doesn’t have a director yet and Sony has still been on the search. With filming so close, it seems they really need to kick it in gear, but I think hopes aren’t riding very high on this movie being particularly good. Not when production has been such a trainwreck. Ha ha, get it?

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