Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct Highlights

Yesterday, 20 February 2020, we got our first Nintendo Direct in ages. As expected by many, it was focussed on their soon-to-be-released first big 2020 title: Animal Crossing New Horizons. The presentation is available below and worth a watch if you’re a fan and missed it, however, here are some of the details we learned (or got more info about) yesterday:

Nook Miles and a Nookphone

Nook Miles are a point system based on achievements you complete which you can then use to buy a trip to a random deserted island (amongst other things). The Nookphone is your smartphone for the game – providing a new menu, several apps and even a connection to Tom Nook himself.


Part of the Nintendo Online Switch App (yikes!) where you can not only import designs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer but also chat online with friends that also have the game.


For the first time ever (believe it or not) you can choose whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere ensuring that in-game seasons match up with what’s going on in the real world around you.

Technical Details

Up to 8 profiles can be used on one Switch but each will receive their own home. Amiibo and Amiibocards will be usable in the game but only those from the series and invited characters will mostly be in an in-game photo mode. Cloud Saves will seemingly not be used, however, Nintendo will provide the functionality to provide a backup for your game should your Switch break or get stolen – this may also only be an option you can use once.

There were a lot of extra details in the Direct so fans should really watch the video below. Alternatively, if you prefer to read this info and you want more than we provided above, both Nintendo Life and IGN provide a very good breakdown of everything we learned.

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