A Star Wars Battlefront spin-off was allegedly cancelled by EA last year

EA and the Star Wars franchise have a rich history that is often not full of happy endings. It doesn’t even have a lot of happy starts since a lot of the Star Wars games that were planned never seem to see the light of day. They had a successful one with Jedi: Fallen Order, but according to Kotaku, there was another Star Wars game that tragically fell to EA’s unrelenting sword last year.

Six anonymous sources came forward to recount the lost game’s story to Kotaku. The game was to be a spin-off for Star Wars Battlefront which might have included open-world elements. It was codenamed Viking and was initially conceptualised by EA Vancouver and then handed off to London-based Criterion, which ultimately led to the project’s downfall due to “the logistical challenges of cross-country game development,” and one source saying “too many cooks was a running theme”.

Viking was supposed to be a game slated for the next generation consoles and to fill a “fall 2020 financial hole”, but the game was cancelled in the first half of 2019. We have no evidence of what it could be or how it would have looked like, but it’s another tragic corpse to add to EA’s growing graveyard.

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