Spiritfarer gameplay trailer shows how you will spend time gathering and crafting

The idea of connecting with people, making memories with them and then ultimately saying goodbye is the powerful theme at the centre of Spiritfarer. We live our lives knowing that we will eventually say goodbye to all of our friends in one way or another, but it isn’t always the foremost thought. Spiritfarer may have you considering your time with friends a bit more critically, as your job is to fulfil the final requests of lost souls before ferrying them on into the afterlife.

It sounds really heavy, but Spiritfarer’s gameplay is trying to do this in a positive, uplifting manner, concentrating on farming, cooking, crafting, mining, platforming and other relaxing forms of gathering.

It creates a sincere, wholesome setting to deal with a pretty heavy topic, and hopefully, Thunder Lotus can keep this balancing act right the whole way through, so that those tears at the end are mixed with a bit of happiness for what we learnt along the way, before that final goodbye.

Spiritfarer releases later in 2020 for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Switch.

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