Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s immersive mode and Engineer get delayed

Ubisoft has opted to delay Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s new immersive mode and new class, the Engineer. Both of these were expected to launch this month, but have been delayed to “ensure that the experience will be a great one”.

Breakpoint’s reception wasn’t great when it launched in October last year. In his review, Charlie called it “a very generic, open-world third-person shooter that’s very undercooked and riddled with bugs.”

Not many details have been revealed as to what the immersive update does, besides the mention of design around “freedom of choice”.

With February coming to a close, fans were starting to wonder if things were going to schedule or not. Now Ubisoft has announced the delay on its blog.

The delay was due to the complexity of integrating the new mode, and the team wants the experience to be a great one when it releases. The Engineer class and immersive update have been delayed until “spring”, with more information on 5 March.

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