GOG will refund any game within a 30-day window regardless of playtime

Steam and even the Epic Games Store have allowed users to request refunds for games, given that you only played for two hours and it’s within two weeks of the initial purchase. This has worked reasonably well for the most part and while a little restrictive, it discourages abuse and you have amicable time to decide if you want to keep a game or not. However, the perpetual good guys at GOG are making a bold decision by basically going with the honour system.

GOG, that has become quite a powerhouse of a distribution platform on PC recently, issued a new refund policy that allows you to refund a game within 30 days of the initial purchase, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter how long you played it, why you want a refund or anything else, you’ll just get the refund.

Of course, this runs the risk of being exploited by bad actors, but GOG has stated that they may refuse refunds for users who attempt to “hurt the developers that put their time and heart into making great games.” The way they’re going to ensure that people don’t just buy a game, play it to completion and refund it before the 30 days is up is anyone’s guess, but I think they’re mostly relying on people not being total scumbags. It’s a tough ask, for sure, but you have to respect them for being so pro-consumer.

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