Temtem’s future looks brighter than Pikachu’s thunderbolt

Even before its launch, Temtem raised eyebrows more than any recently released monster-catching game. Although the game is still in early access with only a Steam release out, the waves this Pokémon inspired title is making are quite impressive.

Crema, the developer, recently revealed a roadmap showing what players and fans can expect in the coming months. Keep in mind they also mention that none of it is 100% confirmed and that we should all take it with a grain of salt. The short-term roadmap above shows off features such as ranked matchmaking, in-game chat, club management (think clans), two new islands, 25 new Temtem, in-game tournaments, housing for each player (because, why not) and even achievements. All this is expected to be released within the 2020 period.

A mid-term roadmap has plans for the last quarter of 2020 and early 2021 period is also discussed and can be seen below. One of the most intriguing features, at least for me, is the Dojo Wars. Where players that are part of a club will be able to take on a Dojo and hold onto it if they successfully defeat that Dojo. Then that club will be challenged after a week by other players’ clubs. This is still quite far off though, so full details have not been supplied.

Coming back to the console releases, Crema said that they’d like to have the console release ready for when they plan to launch the game’s 1.0 release. This is scheduled for Spring 2021, our Autumn.

Source: Crema

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