Yacht Club hosts their own ‘Direct’ and reveals new game

Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games took a leaf out of Nintendo’s book yesterday and presented their very own video game sizzle real presentation very much in the style of Big N’s Directs. First up we got a deeper look at Cyber Shadow with an extended trailer and the announcement of a (Northern Hemisphere) Autumn 2020 release window. Then, Shovel Knight Director, Sean Velasco, and Yacht Club Games Designer, Alec Faulkner, introduced themselves as hosts and lead us (somewhat cute but clumsily) through the rest of the presentation.

First, we get a quick review about just how far the company has come in a short time (hello, Shovel Knight Saga!!) and a quick update on Shovel Knight Dig. Then we were reminded about how Shovel Knight had helped the team make friends with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo with the character appearing in one form or another on all those platforms. Pretty impressive stuff!

However, the big news came in the revelation that Yacht Club was working on two new announced games (with brand new IP). Of course, not to be outdone, the ‘medieval blue burrower’ stole the show as it was revealed he would be making at least one more impressive genre jump. This new game entitled Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon was described as a “roguelike puzzle game hybrid” and a falling block puzzle game with a side-scrolling twist.

For fans of the team, it’s definitely worth a look so be sure to check out the full video below.

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