Alien Hominid Invasion gets a dizzying gameplay trailer

Alien Hominid is a big piece of nostalgia for those who grew up during the flash gaming period with its tough-as-nails combat and wonderfully eccentric visuals. To see The Behemoth revisiting their classic and creating an entirely new experience out of it with Alien Hominid Invasion is definitely exciting. They dropped a gameplay trailer for the game just ahead of PAX East and boy, is it quite the assault on the senses but in a good way:

The game will feature 4-person online and offline co-op with various aliens to take control of and blast the snot out of those pesky secret agents. You can also spot an overworld screen since the aliens will “invade randomly-assembled neighbourhoods built from hundreds of hand-crafted city blocks” which makes the game a lot more open-ended than its classic predecessor.

There will also be a lot more customisation with regards to weapons and skills which will make for a ton of different combinations and styles to try out. You can tell that The Behemoth is showing great respect to their little alien creation and will strive to do the game justice. With all their recent offerings knocking it out of the park, this is one indie game you can surely be very excited for.

The game will be available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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