Little to no incentives for developers to bring games to Stadia

While many believe streaming is the future of gaming, it didn’t really get out of the starting blocks very well. And it would seem that the biggest champion of the service is mostly to blame, as Google doesn’t give enough incentive to developers to release their titles on Stadia.

According to Business Insider, developers aren’t willing to put in the effort with developing for Stadia because the incentive from Google is just too low compared to what other platforms have to offer. It’s one of the main reasons why just about every one of the 28 games currently available on Stadia comes from large publishers who can afford not getting too much out of releasing on a new platform.

Stadia has had a very hard time since it launched in November last year, with serious drop off reported in the following months. Technical issues and the lack of games are some of the main reasons for this. Google is promising over 100 games by the end of the year, but if they don’t give developers, especially indie developers, a good reason to invest, they are going to continue to struggle convincing gamers to hop on board.

Source: Kotaku

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