Meet A SA Gamer – Johan van Rensburg

It’s always fun talking about video games… sharing why we love the games we love. But have you ever wanted to know more about the SA Gamer community? Or to find, and possibly interact with, local SA folk that share similar interests to you? Well, welcome to another edition of our weekly feature ‘Meet A SA Gamer Monday‘, designed to help you do just that. Every week we will introduce you to and provide a short profile for a fellow SA Gamer. We’re hoping you’ll enjoy ‘meeting’ more of the community as they share some of their fondest video game memories…

As this is still relatively new we thought we’d take a few seconds to remind you of the format:

First up, each SA Gamer will answer the QuickFire 5 – a list of 5 standard questions giving you a quick look at some of the most commonly asked video game questions. Then in Story Mode, each SA Gamer will provide a more detailed write-up about something they are passionate about. They have a big list of topics and questions to choose from so we’re sure we’ll get a nice spread of topics, genres and opinions. Finally, in some cases, we will also have a DLC segment… an extra little section where the profiled SA Gamers can add something a little extra for our readers.

And so without further ado… here is this week’s profiled SA Gamer

Johan van Rensburg aka williegawie

Name: Johan van Rensburg
Forum tag: williegawie (all my Gamertags are pretty much the same)
City: Pretoria
Age: 42

QuickFire 5

1. PC, Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation? Single-player or multiplayer?

Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo. PC for adventure games
90% single-player

2. My favourite 3 games of all time:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Space Quest 3
  • Dead Space 2

3. The game that must be destroyed at all costs:


4. I started playing video games:


5. My video game tastes in one sentence:

My go-to system is XBOX, but I own all other systems and they all have space in my life.

Story Mode

  • Tell us about your favourite game. Why is it so special to you?

My favourite game was not an easy choice and was a toss-up between Space Quest 3 and RDR2. In the end, I had to go with Space Quest 3. It is certainly not the best game I have played, but it always comes up as my first thought when I think back at my gaming history. My friend and I got it at the same time (not sure who copied it from whom). Every weekend for about 6 months we would sit together and try and work through the nonsensical puzzles, and every time we progressed even a little it was like we beat the game. Some puzzles took weeks, and many we stumbled into much like Inspector Clouseau finding a bomb in his closet.


  • Why are video games in your life? What makes them so special?

For quite a few years (between ’00 and ’07) I pretty much stopped gaming. I couldn’t afford to keep up with upgrading my PC. I could then afford to get an Xbox 360. This is when I believe gaming become an important part of my adult life.

Gaming is my release and escape, not in an unhealthy way of avoidance, but to recharge and take a break. Being an introvert, it takes a lot of energy to interact with the “real world”. And work/life stress just consumes every part of what is left. Having some time to be fully distracted by something else helps me take a mindful break from the things in life that can become all-consuming. This was especially evident in the last few years, where work stress pushed me to my limits and all aspects of my life started suffering. Eventually while ‘digging in’ to find a work/life balance again, gaming had a major role to play. It helped me gather the courage to face the issues I was having.

Sometimes, games are so much more than ‘just games’.

It was great to chat with you, williegawie! Thanks so much for letting us get to know you better and being part of the great SA Gamer community.

If any of you out there would like to be part of this weekly feature – be sure to drop me (TiMario) a line on our SA Gamer Discord server.

Nintendo Nerd, sharing my love of Mario with the world one pixel at a time.

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