Trackmania is coming back as a live service game

Recently during the Trackmania Grand League Finals in Lyon, a remake of Trackmania Nations was announced. You may remember Trackmania Nations as a free truly arcade racer that allowed players to create nauseatingly complex tracks filled with loops, crazy jumps and mad gravity-defying stunts. It’s a point of nostalgia for many and Ubisoft knows this as they’re making the remake a live service title focused on delivering a more “pure” Trackmania experience.

In an interview with Florent Catelnerac, the managing director at Ubisoft Nadeo, he mentions that the series has “lost simplicity” with all of the complex designs made for hardcore players and wants the remake to be “powerful yet simple”. In order to do that, they will focus on casual players as well as the hardcore Trackmania players by bringing the best of both worlds by offering a season campaign, daily rotating tracks and easy to use creation tools.

The game will keep the original’s simplistic controls and gameplay, but will bring the systems more in tune with modern titles. Hearing the words “live service” might make you retch from disgust, but in this case, it might be the favourable way to bring Trackmania to the masses and keep it alive with a continuous flow of content. The remake will release on PC on the 5th of May, and it’s sure to attract those looking for a nice and simple arcade racing experience.

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