Battlefield 5’s TTK update hits tomorrow

For those playing Battlefield 5 who didn’t like the changes made in December’s big patch, many of those time to kill adjustments are being revised in tomorrow’s patch 6.2.

For the last few months, the game hasn’t felt as lethal as Battlefield normally does. Now the patch will make things feel a lot like they did before patch 5.2.

This isn’t a complete rollback to pre-5.2 values, and a few changes are sticking around. Weapons do more damage up close, and when moving to ranged scraps, SMG damage falls off quicker than assault rifles and LMGs. For extreme distance, the bolt action rifles will have higher muzzle velocities, which should offset how other weapons were outperforming them.

Patch 6.2 will also add tank visual customisation, which has had a large “coming soon” message over it since the game launched in November 2018. Get ready to add camos and change the look of your tank’s chassis and turret.

The full notes can be perused here.

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