Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC now available

In a world of delays, it doesn’t happen often that something gets released ahead of schedule, which is exactly the case with Luigi’s Mansion 3’s first Multiplayer DLC, which is available as we speak.

The DLC includes a couple of new costumes for our favourite cowardly ghost hunter, as well as several new multiplayer modes called Tricky Ghost Hunt, DodgeBrawl and River Bank. There are also six new themed ghosts as well as three new floor themes in Co-op ScareScraper mode.

This is also the biggest update for Luigi’s Mansion 3 to date, and with it came a lot of added features. The official patch notes states some of the following features and fixes:

Ver. 1.3.0 (Released March 4, 2020)

  • Added Features
    • Games in the ScreamPark can now be played with just one player (this is a practice mode without any opponents).
    • The following content was added to ScareScraper.
      • Added a 20-floor mode.
      • Five new types of rare ghosts will now appear.
      • Ghosts will now appear in Defeat the Crows! and Collect the Gold! missions.
      • Added a link to How to Play in the menu.
    • Added Albums, where players can listen to the game’s BGM.
      • To access Albums, go from Story ? Gallery ? Special Content.
  • Added Multiplayer Pack Features
    • Added three new games to ScreamPark.
    • The following content was added to ScareScraper.
    • Added three costumes.
    • Added three new floor themes and six kinds of themed ghosts that will appear when Luigi wears one of the new costumes.
      • Players who do not have the Multiplayer Pack can see these as well.
  • Story
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Luigi from moving near the door when capturing a Boo in the hallway of the Hotel Shops.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Luigi from moving behind a bench in Studio 3 of Paranormal Productions.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from progressing after touching the shark fin on the beach of The Spectral Catch.
  • ScareScraper
    • Added/adjusted the attack pattern of Boolossus.
    • Fixed an issue in Find the Toads! missions that prevented the Toads from moving and/or being able to enter the portals.
  • General
    • Fixed several issues to improve gameplay experience.

Source: Luigi’s Mansion 3

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