The marvelous cosplays of C2E2, and SA is its crowning glory

Slowly but surely we, as a nation, are teaching the world that “local is lekker”, and that this backwater country of ours has some major talent waiting to prove themselves on the world’s stage. That has been proven, yet again, by the newest addition to our local hall of fame by JinxKitty Cosplay, who brought home the title of Crown Champion of Cosplay at this year’s C2E2 cosplay competition.

At last year’s championship we saw Kinpatsu Cosplay, South Africa’s first-ever representative for this prestigious competition, take the crown for her Sister of Battle cosplay. This past weekend we got to see JinxKitty crowned champion for her breathtakingly beautiful Priestess Bathory, which she spent over 1,000 hours on creating and refining. If you attended ComicCon Africa back in September you would have probably seen this cosplay up close, and will agree with me that to say it’s a “well-deserved win” would be an understatement.

Kelsey, JinxKitty Cosplay, in her Bathory at CCA 2019.

While Kelsey blew the judges away, there were two others that managed to create quite the gust of wind which landed them on the podium. Cosplaying as a spectacular rendition of Moira from Overwatch Xephyr Studios, from the USA, placed second. And third place went to French contestant, LeelooKris Cosplay, as Lagertha from Vikings.

While these three did get the limelight, we can’t forget all the other amazing cosplays that made their way to the event. Every single competitor of the Crown Championship could have won, that’s how high the calibre of talent was. Even the attendees that were just there to have fun with their friends brought their S-class game to their outfits. Want to see for yourself? Look at this amazing (and extensive) cosplay video. A lot of these cosplays were competitors, see them in action!

If you’re looking to get into cosplay yourself check out our guides on the site, and please never hesitate to find me on social media and ask the questions you might have. The next “big” local event for cosplayers is ICON, which is over Easter Weekend. Then shortly after that, it’s ComicCon Cape Town from 1-3 May. So you still have a bit of time to get something together!

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