Respawn purposefully leaked Forge to distract dataminers

Datamining has become a pretty lucrative source of information (and traffic or internet points) to many, but it can sour what developers spend hours working on, ruining the surprises. Apex Legends has lost several surprises to information being datamined, so Respawn tried something different with season four.

For season four, the team decided to play with the dataminers a bit, creating a character named Forge, who they left enough information about to keep miners happy that they had discovered the next character well before the reveal. Then in a video broadcast, Forge was murdered by Revenant, the actual new character for the game.

“Honestly, it started as a fun way to misdirect dataminers who, at the time, felt like they had solved our next legend and had ruined our surprise. We actually purposefully leaked fake concept art and details of Forge’s kit in patches, so there would be a bread crumb trail by the time we announced him. It’s pretty insane, really. I can’t think of any other game that has gone through such hijinks.”

The full review with Apex Legends design director Jason McCord can be read here on DotEsports.

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