Nintendo teases Super Mario partnership with LEGO

About a week ago, Nintendo revealed a Super Mario partnership with Levi blue jeans. It was a bit of a weird combination, but I suppose Mario does wear blue overalls and in a world of rampant consumerism it was to be expected that even our favourite video game mascot would soon be branded. And it really was just another indication of Nintendo’s recent complete 180 in terms of getting their brand out there. In fact, these days it seems Nintendo is extremely eager to get their name and particularly their world-renowned plumber out there in whatever form they can.

Yesterday, we got another one of these announcements. And while the Levi’s was a little out of the left field, this one at least made a bit more sense in that it was toy focussed…

Yep, Mar10 Day saw both Nintendo of America and LEGO tease an upcoming partnership between Super Mario and the famous Danish brick toymaker. As you can tell from the tweet above, not much information other than that was provided – but we do see an image of what looks like a LEGO Mario featuring possible digital displays on his chest and mouth.

It seems Nintendo is currently very keen to get the Super Mario brand out there. With a Mario movie on the way (due 2022) I’d be rather surprised if this wasn’t ultimately the first bit of significant (if covert) publicising for the film. They, of course, want to ensure that the right age groups are all well-aware (read inundated) with Super Mario so that when the movie arrives they all flock to the cinema.

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