Judge rejects Nintendo’s request to dismiss Joy-Con Drift case

Back in July, we brought you the news that Joy-Con Drift had become such a massive problem that there was a possible class-action lawsuit being brought against Nintendo. Along the next few months, Joy-Con Drift news has never been too far away (here and here for example). And it looks like the issue is finally coming to a head. As first spotted on VGC, on the 2nd of March, Law360 revealed that Nintendo had tried to get the lawsuit dismissed. Interestingly, the judge rejected this request but did decide to hold off on a formal lawsuit so that the two parties could try arbitration instead.

It’s revealing that the judge decided there was enough merit in the case to not dismiss it right off the bat. And I’m particularly interested to see what agreement the parties come to because even though I haven’t experienced the issue myself, I’m pretty sure many of you out there want to know how any agreement will benefit people that already have faulty Joy-Cons.

However, considering it seems Nintendo is currently still producing and selling Switches with problematic Joy-Cons I’m really hoping that it will also somehow compel Nintendo to sort out the issue sooner rather than later and quickly come up with a better solution of managing returned Joy-Cons/consoles (in the case of the Switch Lite). Because as things currently stand – it’s a confusing and nebulous mess.

Source: Nintendo Life

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