Head back into Control this month to explore The Foundation

Remedy introduced us all to the Oldest House last year and many of the mysteries of this strange place still lie there, just out of range of perception. Come March 26 though, that will change a bit.

The Foundation is the first expansion to Control and will see us diving into the very roots of the Oldest House unless everything about the name and the teases can’t be believed. Late in the game, we went down to the Foundation and it looks very different from the various sections that have been turned into offices for The Bureau. It is raw down here, primal energies allowing a night sky of stars to twinkle above mining equipment. Beyond that, massive pillars stretch as far as the eye can see, supporting the weight of an impossible space.

Thanks to a teaser last night, we know that the expansion will see Jesse Faden continue her search for Helen Marshall, who used to be the FBC’s head of operations.

We will know come March 26 at least. The two expansions can be bought as a season pass or separately.

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