Rumour: The Resident Evil 3 demo might release this Friday

Capcom has already announced that there will be a demo for the Resident Evil 3 remake, but with the game coming out on the 3rd of April, the clock is ticking for when the demo will finally release. The Resident Evil 2 demo did a fantastic job of showing what the game was going for and a demo for its follow-up would be an excellent way for us to sample what is often considered one of the more underrated entries of the series.

Twitter user @AestheticGamer1, who has a relatively good track record of horror game leaks, has stated that the demo is coming out on the 20th of March, this Friday. It’s a solid date since the game will coming out so soon and it’s a good time to stoke people’s appetites and get some buzz going.

No official word has been given and it’s likely that Capcom might have planned for this to be a surprise release. However, fans of the original and the recent remake might have something to be excited about as we’re all fittingly stuck in quarantine at the moment. Hopefully no big men are going to crash through my wall and shout something about stars at me.

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