Steam sees highest number of concurrent players

The world has gone a little bit crazy over the last few weeks and because of that many people around the world find themselves in lockdown and self isolation. It is rather grim times.

Steam on the other hand is thriving, with it seeing over 20 million concurrent players logged in over the weekend. 6.4 million were actively playing a game with Counter Strike GO topping the chart with 1 million simultaneous players. These are staggering numbers, and mostly due to people not having anything better to do and sitting at home. I’m also wondering how those naughty sites are doing. Hmm…

Many people have been told to work from home or self isolate as the spread of COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the world economy. This even saw Disney + (not available in South Africa) release Frozen II on the platform a few weeks earlier than expected. More such changes in schedules can be expected. We should also not be surprised if game releases are effected with work constraints and delivery channels being impacted. Especially on those Collector’s Editions.

Source: Kotaku

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