Gamescom (scheduled for August 2020) is still on… for now.

We’re almost used to it now. It seems every day for the last fortnight or so, another country announced widespread restrictions due to the Coronavirus outbreak and gatherings of any large groups of people also got cancelled. In the video game world that meant GDC, PAX East and then, a bit belatedly, even E3 2020 got axed. However, what about bigger conventions due to be held later in the year?

Yesterday, the Gamescom Twitter feed posted their current position and it seems that (at least for now) the event is still going to take place.

This may seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but we must remember the event is only due to take place in August (around 4+ months from now). And as stipulated in their ‘update’ message, this decision will change if and when authorities update their own safety recommendations.

Let’s hope that by the time Gamescom rolls around – the world will be in a more stable place and people can once again gather together to enjoy our favourite pastime safely.

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