Get a whole bunch of Witcher goodies for the low price of free

The Witcher franchise has swept the world with the Netflix series bringing a ton of new eyes to the legendary tales of Geralt and the violent, crazy world he lives in. So many fans, including me, have been ecstatic that our favourite franchise is getting the love it deserves, but a little more is always welcome.

For a limited time, GOG is running an awesome promotion called The Witcher Goodies Collection that includes a ton of Witcher related paraphernalia for free. It includes full-length art books, every game and its DLC’s soundtracks, wallpapers, concept art, “making of” videos, six comics and more. The offer is only available until tomorrow and all you have to do to claim it is to have a free GOG account.

The free collection is admittedly to promote GOG’s latest Spring Sale, which has some good deals by the way, but it’s such a nice little bundle of love for fans of the franchise. Never before seen stuff all packed into one convenient package at no cost at all is literally as good as it gets.

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