Indie World showcases a whole bunch of games to get excited about

Yesterday evening we saw another exciting Indie World presentation by Nintendo. And while I was expecting more info on previously talked about games – the whole show focussed instead on new games. So what can we look forward to this year coming to the Switch from Indie developers? Well, it’s always hard to know exactly what to write to recap presentations like this and given that the presentation is just under 20 minutes long it’s probably worth just watching it (link included below).

However, if you’re more of text-reader type, here’s me trying something a little new; Here’s every game announced in order, along with my immediate (and a little tongue-in-cheek) reactions as I watched each game reveal. Um… good luck!?

  • Blue Fire (Summer 2020) Ninja 3D-platforming – the wall running looks awesome!
  • Baldo (Summer 2020) Action-Adventure RPG x Japanese Anime. Wasn’t there a cartoon about a dog… wait that’s Balto. Nevermind. Anyway, this is pretty in a child-friendly anime sort of way.
  • I Am Dead (2020). Annapurna – Yes! Wait, you’re dead and have powers. It’s pretty and scary. The place is called Shelmerston!? I don’t understand.
  • B.ark (Late 2020) 2D Side-Scrolling co-op space shooter, Choose 1 of 4 ferocious animal astronauts in order to save the world from robots. Family-focussed party game. Wish I liked space shooters more than I do – because this one looks right down my alley.
  • Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse (Summer 2020) That offbeat humour that I just don’t get. Mutant ‘Freak’ Adventure game… explore… plus puzzles?
  • Summer in Mara (Spring 2020) A child leaves home to find the secrets of the Ocean – nope not Aquaman but a farming/crafting game set across many islands. So peaceful. Wait… was that a mermaid or a werewolf woman?
  • Quantum League (Late 2020) Online FPS with an interesting time-loop mechanic – team up with yourself (past and future) where causality is not fixed and you get to play with clones of your past games. ‘Oh Boy!’ …That’s a Quantum Leap reference, kids.
  • The Good Life (Summer 2020) Debt Repayment/Murder Solving RPG made by a Japanese man holding a stuffed monkey, set in a rural British Town where people turn into dogs and cats at night and ride sheep? Yup, that’s not even me. That’s just the game.
  • The Last Campfire (Summer 2020) Compassion, Empathy and finding hope? Well, that’s more my speed. Amazing music, check. Beautiful visuals, check. From No Mans Sky‘s Hello Games, check!?
  • PixelJunk Eden 2 (Summer 2020) Techno beat music and stylistic visuals? I know what you’re thinking… yup, it’s… PixelJunk Eden… 2. Yup. That’s what you were thinking, right? But seriously, stage design that is defined by your actions and it looks pretty cool too.
  • Faeria (March 2020) Strategy card game. FaeriaUm, Garth? (Hey Tim, Faeria is a card-game where you have to build the board to fight on as part of your strategy and mana-base.)
  • Eldest Souls (Summer 2020) It’s a pixelated ‘Souls-like’ boss rush battler, that actually has souls in the title… now that’s a little on the nose don’t you think?

Ok, this is the final push – the quickfire round: a game (a due date) and my one-word (ish) description of it…

  • Blair Witch (Summer 2020) AAAAAaaah!
  • Ghost of a Tale (Spring 2020) Rats!
  • Sky (Summer 2020) Mobile-art-oooooh
  • Sky Rocket (Yesterday) Mega-man-err-kids
  • Superliminal (Summer 2020) Block-puzzler
  • Wingspan (Spring 2020) Birds!
  • Dicey Dungeons (2020) Dice-punching
  • Bounty Battle (Summer 2020) More-punching
  • Moving Out (April 28) Typical-SA-movers-the-game

Oh and the one more thing game…

  • Exit the Gungeon (Available NOW) Dodge Roll’s sequel to their Enter the Gungeon hit… (Now you’re going the other way…) Exit the Gungeon

And that’s was the show. Now, when will be getting that Direct I wonder…?

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