Spanish Football matched played in front of 60k fans, on Twitch

As we know, just about every single major event in the world has been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. This didn’t stop two Spanish La Liga teams, Real Betis and Sevilla playing their cancelled derby fixture in front of 60,000 fans… On Twitch.

As Eurogamer reported, some of teams have already simulated some of their matches to entertain the fans stuck at home, but these two sides took it to another level. A player of each team, Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias and Sevilla left back Sergio Reguilón, picked their teams in FIFA 20 to play in the cancelled derby match, with 60,000 viewer tuning in to watch. Real Betis won 6-5 with Iglesias scoring the winning goal as himself.


Check out the stream, even just for the great commentary.

It warms the heart to know that people are finding ways to improve the circumstances for themselves and others during such trying times and even if it might seem so, not everything is doom and gloom.

Source: Eurogamer

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