Rumour: Tales from the Borderlands might get a redux and a sequel

A leak on Reddit popped up featuring two videos detailing a redux version of Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands and during the end of the second video, a 2 was seen flashing, teasing a possible sequel.

The leak in question is from a now-deleted Reddit user featuring two recordings from a screen and it’s better to take this information with a big dose of salt.

The redux version will supposedly contain a codex, developer commentary, concept art, unused assets and a small bonus episode filled with never before seen content.

The redux is being done by the recently resurrected Telltale Games and AdHoc Studio which is also working on The Wold Among Us 2. It’ll be interesting how they navigate this sequel given the existence of Borderlands 3, but I’m sure there’s still a lot of story that they can get out of this franchise.

Tales from the Borderlands was definitely one of Telltale Games’ best offerings out of their huge catalogue of licenced titles and its story was surprisingly great considering the often wacky source material. Heck, I’d even be so bold as to say that I enjoyed the game’s story more than I did Borderlands 3‘s story which says a lot. If the leaks hold any water, we’ll likely see some form of official announcement soon.

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