Overwatch’s Echo can turn into a copy of any enemy hero

Blizzard has revealed how Overwatch’s next hero works, after what feels like years of speculation about her abilities.

Echo is an adaptive artificial intelligence that fills the damage role, but will be pretty versatile. Echo can glide while falling and can rush forward, joining the small ranks of those with flight-like capabilities. Her primary attack is the Tri-Shot, which fires three shots in a triangular grouping. Her secondary fire launches Sticky Bombs, which have a short delay before detonating.

Echo’s Focusing Beam is a channelled attack that does high damage to any target with less than half health. Time to eat through those barriers and kill stragglers!

However, it is her ultimate where things get really interesting. Echo can Duplicate an enemy hero, gaining their abilities along with an accelerated version of their ultimates. This lasts long enough for an Echo player to get a few ultimates off, swinging the battlefield in your team’s favour.

Because of this rather radical ultimate, Echo will be on the PTR for quite a while, allowing for some time testing her efficacy on the battlefield, and to see what hijinks players get up to.

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