Quarantine Countdown – Video Game Edition

The world is a pretty serious place at the moment. It feels like no matter where you turn, what app you peruse or what news site you scroll through it’s all Coronavirus, everywhere. The numbers in SA are slowly on the increase too. We’re all now living in an age of social distancing and self (or imposed) isolation. It’s all very scary and intense. So it’s probably a good time for a little distraction.

Many of us are doing our best to curb the spread of the virus and that means working from home and limiting movements in the real world. And while this is for a very good and rather sombre reason, it also means we need something to occupy our time. Sports is cancelled everywhere, Netflix only has so many shows and so it’s once again up to video games to spread some magic.

And that’s where you come in… the (possibly long) weekend is upon us and we need to know what games we should include in our Quarantine Countdown – Video Game Edition. In the comments below let us know the best game to play while you’re stuck at home. It could be new, old or something in between; A game where you’re stuck defeating a world pandemic or a bright, fun, nonsensical romp that gets your mind as far away for this reality as possible… Tell us what you think is the perfect quarantine game…

Nintendo Nerd, sharing my love of Mario with the world one pixel at a time.

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