An ‘overwhelming majority’ of 4,000+ PS4 games will be backwards compatible on PS5

During the recent showcase of the PS5’s specs, Mark Cerny mentioned that they’ve tested the top 100 PS4 games for backwards compatibility on the PS5 which caused some confusion. The messaging sounded like only a handful of the PS4’s vast library will be backwards compatible, but the truth is much more optimistic than that.

On the PlayStation Blog, an update was made on the PS5 technical specs article clarifying the system’s backwards compatibility:

“A quick update on backward compatibility – With all of the amazing games in PS4’s catalog, we’ve devoted significant efforts to enable our fans to play their favorites on PS5. We believe that the overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 titles will be playable on PS5.

“We’re expecting backward compatible titles will run at a boosted frequency on PS5 so that they can benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions. We’re currently evaluating games on a title-by-title basis to spot any issues that need adjustment from the original software developers.”

The update does a great job of alleviating some concerns, but what’s clear is that the backwards compatibility process is a lot more intricate than just popping in your PS4 game and having it run instantly. However, it’s still better than not having any backwards compatibility at all and dooming us to another generation of endless remasters and ports. Sony is thankfully being proactive and hopefully when the PS5 launches there won’t be too many hiccups.

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