In the Valley of Gods is still in limbo despite Half-Life: Alyx launching

In 2017 Firewatch developer Campo Santo attracted a lot of attention with a trailer for In the Valley of Gods at The Game Awards. It looked like a mix of Firewatch’s narrative-driven design with the joys and mysteries of archaeology. Then Campo Santo was acquired by Valve, and the developers slowly drifted off to more exciting projects in the company. Projects like Half-Life: Alyx.

But now that Half-Life: Alyx has been released, things haven’t changed for In the Valley of Gods. Speaking to PCGamesN, Chris Remo says that In the Valley of Gods is still “oh hold for the time being.”

“We were working on it when those of us from Campo Santo came up to Valve, and something we found over time was, in contrast to working on that game, Valve was a place with a lot of teams, a lot of projects, a lot going on.”

“There wasn’t really ever like a particular moment or decision or anything, but people have been working on other things here at the company. I worked on Underlords for a bit. I’ve been working on Half-Life: Alyx now for a while. We just eventually came to a conclusion as a team like, ‘Oh, it looks like we’re all kind of working on other stuff right now. Let’s put this thing on hold for a bit and figure out over time what that means.’ Really, that was about it.”

Valve must have a pretty large bench, weighed down with dreams of games like Half-Life 3 and In the Valley of Gods. Hopefully it doesn’t get too comfortable there.

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