Death Stranding will get a photo mode on PS4 soon

Death Stranding is filled with breathtaking vistas and beautiful typography and as you trek through the harsh landscape, you often take a second to soak in the wonder. However, if you wanted to share the beauty with others, you were out of luck since the game didn’t have a photo mode and all you could do was manipulate the camera to get a good shot.

The photo mode was initially announced to be included with the PC release of the game, but Kojima Productions have recently announced that it will be coming to PS4 as well in the near future:

It’s a shame I already got my platinum for the game a while back otherwise I would have definitely snapped some shots of Sam struggling through the mountains, but thankfully other players will soon have that opportunity. There is still no official release date or anything other than “soon”, so look out for any updates in the near future.

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