Don’t worry if you missed Sonic at theatres – he may be sliding onto TV screens soon

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie had a very bad start. The first trailers we got immediately sent the internet into meltdown and ultimately lead to the movie’s VFX going through a significant overhaul. However, despite those early bumps when it finally hit theatres earlier this year – it made a big splash. First, it broke Detective Pikachu’s opening weekend record for a video game movie and according to current stats ( it has now made over $306,766,470 worldwide.

However, perhaps because of self-isolation or for some other reason you haven’t been out to see it yet (and now cannot thanks to the country’s lockdown) the good news is you may be able to watch it at home soon. According to The Verge, Sonic is joining a list of other films that are getting early home digital releases thanks to the pandemic. In the US this will be as soon as March 31.

Having checked our local iTunes store (as seen here) dates for SA are still not available and we still only have the ‘Pre-Order’ option. So you may need to keep your eye on if/when this one changes.

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