Timey-wimey Outer Wilds is heading to Steam in June

Outer Wilds, the game about being a space explorer stuck in a time-loop, will hit Steam on 18 June, as its Epic Games Store exclusivity window ends.

Get ready to become an adventurer about to head out into a teeny tiny solar system to try and unearth its many secrets. You get stuck in a time-loop, meaning the only thing you keep every day is your knowledge of what happens and when, letting you discover a bit more before looping again. Or just sit with another astronaut, listening to their beautiful music before everything goes to hell. Guess it depends on your mood and how much time you have left.

Or if you can’t wait until June, you can grab it on the Epic Games Store. Because we could all do with a hermetically sealed spacesuit for travelling outside of the house right now.

Wishlist Outer Wilds on Steam here.

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