Ubisoft is giving away the beautiful Child of Light for free

Since the pandemic is keeping us all inside, we’ve seen a bunch of publishers and storefronts giving away some of their older games for free to keep us occupied as we sit around counting teeth. Ubisoft has been pretty charitable during this time and they’ve been running limited-time promotions for some free games.

The latest free game you can claim before March 28th is 2014’s Child of Light, a gorgeous sidescrolling RPG from Ubisoft that was actually relatively underrated. You can claim it right here on the Ubisoft Store. So, if you were in the mood for a nice new adventure and want to appreciate some stunning backdrops, you can certainly do a lot worse.

It’s nice that publishers are stepping up to give us some free experiences during this difficult time. We’re all inundated with stress and many of us are going through financial strife, so these displays of charity are really welcome.

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