SEGA has been around for 60 years!

Believe it or not – this year will mark the 60th year of SEGA’s existence. Back in the 1950s, a company that started off “importing, selling, renting, and maintaining commercial amusement equipment” and then became Service Games Japan Co. would eventually become the video game giant we know today as SEGA. It would still be a while (1988) before the home consoles we know and love (the Megadrive/Genesis) would arrive, and even later (1991) when a certain blue hedgehog would finally stand up to Nintendo’s moustachioed red plumber and really introduce SEGA to the world. And then, after a meteoric rise as a hardware company, a similar staggering fall would only a be a few years away.

Yet, despite predictions that SEGA would altogether disappear the company lived on… Drifting from one strange venture to the next. Be it by continually delving back to arcade games, producing a home-planetarium projector or even a short-time enterprise called the ‘Sega Collaboration Cafe’, SEGA has continued to survive in one form or another for several decades. These days SEGA has re-emerged as a software force, and this year they even managed to reinforce their hold on the industry by leveraging the nostalgia for their main mascot, Sonic, in a very successful trip to the box office. And would you believe it… just like that 60 years have passed.

To celebrate SEGA have released a new and improved special 60th anniversary GO SEGA website which you can check out here and enjoy some fun nostalgia and promises of future fun.

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