Oh, Nintendo just shadow-dropped a mini Direct… what?!

Yes, it finally happened. After months and months of speculation, rumours and broken twitter dreams… Nintendo dropped in like a ninja yesterday released a slightly slimmed-down version of of the Direct so many have been waiting for. Unfortunately, after the traditional ESRB disclaimer (RP-M for those wondering), we got another sombre reminder of how Covid-19 is affecting the world with a notice that release dates and information within the Direct were subject to change due to the virus’ impact. However, after that – the tone thankfully got less serious.

Bioshock, Ring Fit and a Good Job!

In lasted just under 30 minutes and while there was arguably no massive reveals and 2020 is still looking pretty quiet for Nintendo on the first-part front, there were still a few highlights. We won’t go into every title but here’s what stood out: We started with some pretty significant details including the confirmation that several 2K hits of yesteryear would be coming to the Switch, namely: A Bioshock Collection, A Borderlands Legendary Collection and an Xcom 2 Collection due May 29.

Then, a new hilarious-looking title called Good Job! really caught the eye and is already available to purchase. We also got the big news (that should help that quarantine fitness regime) that Ring Fit Adventure now has a new Rythym Mode featuring music from BOTW, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey as well as a few new features and I can’t wait to jump back in.

ARMS in Smash, and more Pokémon Sword & Shield

There was also something in it for Smash fans as it was revealed that the new fighter would be from ARMS (now due in June) and that ARMS would itself be available for a free trial period between 26 March and 6 April. We also got several more games (including some old Star Wars love), Panzer Dragoon: Remake confirmation and even a new Splatoon-like family-friendly ninja Battle royale called Ninjala to look forward to too.

Unfortunately, the traditional ‘one more thing’ segment to end the show fell a little flat (unless you’re a big Pokémon Sword & Shield fan) because only a few more details for the upcoming expansion pass and specifically the Isle of Armour were discussed. We did, however, get to see more Kubfu and Urshifu – and who doesn’t like cuddly kung fu bears, right?

For those of you hoping to see the presentation in full and see every game that was mentioned check out the link below:

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